Identification Workshops

Anser identification workshops aim to help beginner birdwatchers with the basic skills needed to identify some of the more difficult groups of British birds.

At various times during over the year we offer a series of active day workshops. Species that can be covered include; Wildfowl, Birds of prey, Bird Song, Warblers, Waders, Gulls and terns.

As with our holidays, the workshops are held in small groups with a fun atmosphere and relaxed pace. Please see individual courses for prices and details. If you are interested in any of the workshops please contact us for more details.

You can meet on site or arrange a lift with an Anser guide.

    Workshop Updates

  • gulls and terns

    We have no planned workshops at present, please register any interest for the identification workshops as we may be able to put a group together in the near future. Alternativley look out for updates here or via alerts after registering to receive news updates. Thank you.