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Anser is a small venture offering a select choice of holidays, day trips and identification workshops in Britain and Europe.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge and understanding of Britain and Europeís birds, the selection of events on offer allows us to share this with you. Whether you are a regular traveller in Europe or feel ready to venture abroad for the first time, our extensive experience throughout the chosen regions, coupled with our normally unhurried pace, will provide you with an unforgettable birding holiday.

Our aim to make it possible for people to see sought after bird species and wildlife spectacles in the locations that are visited whether it is local, around Britain, or elsewhere in the world. Each year a selection of foreign destinations are included to promote the wonderful and often breathtaking birding sights that can be seen during our trips.

We hope everyone can find something that suits their needs in our events and holidays list. If you have any questions about our holidays, or any aspects of Anser, then please do not hesitate to contact us Wherever you decide to go, we can guarantee that your holiday will be full of birds, good value for money, relaxing and above all enjoyable. We look forward to going birding with you soon!

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Meet the Anser Team

All of our guides are good friends and have worked together for many years. This is a vital aspect as it adds a relaxed and fun atmosphere to the bird finding holiday.

On some trips we may use leaders not detailed here, however you can rest assured that all will be first class birdwatchers with the same easy going and flexible approach as us. Local guides are involved with many of the destinations.

Martin McGill from Anser Birding

Martin McGill

is the Senior Reserve/Conservation Warden at WWT Slimbridge and founder of Anser.
He has two children. He has a lifelong passion for birds and has now dedicated his time to watching and conserving them and the habitats they live in.
Martin has travelled throughout Europe in search of birds and is particularly fond of Spain and Eastern Europe. He has also visited Asia and Australia and spent a year working with Houbara Bustards and Crab Plover in the United Arab Emirates.
Martin has led countless birding trips and talks with the public every day about birds, making him an ideal guide. As a self-confessed Gloucestershire addict he counts good migration days in spring and autumn, the winter spectacle at Slimbridge and the breeding birds of the Forest of Dean among his most enjoyable birding experiences ever.
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Graham Clarkson from Anser Birding

Graham Clarkson

is currently the Marshside RSPB warden upon the Ribble Estuary in Lancashire.
He spent many years working around the UK which included three WWT centres and over three years or more in the Middle East and Asia involved in Bustard conservation.
Having completed his University degree as a mature student he has settled back at the reserve he grew up next to as a child. He has watched birds and wildlife all over the world and is great at sharing his knowledge. He is married with a son.
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Jeremy Squire from Anser Birding

Jeremy Squire

has travelled to Canada, South Africa, Egypt and around much of Europe.
He is based in Scotland at Loch Leven NNR which is one of the finest wetland sites in Britain. Jeremy has worked for Scottish Natural Heritage since 2001 after initially learning many skills at WWT Slimbridge. He has a particular interest in breeding birds around the Loch Leven area.
His friendly leading style is very popular and he is always very helpful.
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Neil Smart from Anser Birding

Neil Smart

is an avid and experienced birder who has been a volunteer warden at WWT Slimbridge since the 1970ís and is fortunate to have shared birding experiences with the late Sir Peter Scott.
Originally from Bedfordshire, Neil now considers Gloucestershire his home, where he has spent a happy 30 plus years with his family. Also someone who is extremely proud of Gloucestershire and has seen most of the best vagrant birds the county has offered over the years, he rarely misses a thing.
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