1-31 December 2012 blog and sightings

Some images from a quieter month birding-wise for me. Norfolk on 1 December kicked the month off with some great birding, a brief trip report on the  relevant page. Only the one half day out to the Forest of Dean on 15th,  a few Waxwing forays and the excellent birds on offer at WWT Slimbridge to note due to short days and mostly wet weather. Despite having leave around Christmas the weather and short dark days was not really condusive to much in the way of dry or comfortable birding.

Bewick’s Swans have been showing beautifully at WWT Slimbridge with over 200 present and very mobile.

Bittern– always intersting to watch go about it business.

One freeze up proved too much for some local wintering waders forcing a move on. This perhaps the last picture of the Long-billed Dowitcher among its stable mates.

Waxwings– I had three and a single fly over me calling at work on two different dates. Only the third and fourth for me at WWT after two singes in previous invasions. A mobile flock of 15 in Slimbridge village were vocal and showy on one Saturday morning and a flock of 80 in Gloucester on 15th made it a good month for sightings. Despite getting the apples out I never scored with any in the garden…yet.

A large Teal count (3000+) at work on Christmas eve was rewarded with first winter Green-winged Teal that I picked out on the floods among 500 Teal from the Holden Tower. I think this is the first one I have seen on the Dumbles.

I hope everyone has had a restful period over the Christmas holidays and wish you all a happy new year for 2013.

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